Terra Firma Design Studio



What exactly do you do?

That’s a great question! To put it simply, most of what you see printed or floating around online is in our wheelhouse. We rework pixels into pretty neat things. Some examples are logos, album covers, restaurant menus (yum!), digital ads, print ads, book covers, murals (yeah, we do those too!), and product photography. Not sure if we can make your pixels pretty? We gladly accept the dare. Shoot us a message and let’s connect!

I need a logo. I need it cheap and fast. Can you get it done?

We will go above and beyond for our clients when it comes to timeline. However, beautiful and creative solutions take time and cost more than a bag of Funyuns. If you’re on a tight timeline, shoot us a message and we will let you know if we can create something everyone enjoys. Only got a few bucks? We’re open to bartering but would first suggest Hot Cheetos over a bag of Funyuns.

How long does a logo design take?

Answering this question depends on many factors. The best way to get a realistic timeline is to contact us and talk it through!

What does the logo design process look like?

Every process is different. Before we start pushing pixels we like to get to know you, your company, and what visually inspires you. We then take time to develop a few options to fit your brand personality. Once we share our options with you, we receive your feedback and develop one of the options to completion. After the logo is locked-in, we pursue your color palette. The finish line consists of building out all the files you need to share your new endeavor with the world. Then we celebrate!

What info do I need to give Terra Firma for a design quote?

What is your budget?

How will this be used?

If there are certain sizes needed, please provide all the measurements.

Is there anything specific that must be included (color, words, shapes, etc.)?

When do you need this completed?

Do you need us to facilitate finding a printer & printing?

Extra mile: providing samples of designs and visual direction you like helps us all to start on the same page.

I need product photography…

We enjoy bringing character and context to products through photography. We have photographed everything from food, events, venues, musicians, lifestyle, and more.

I’ve got images but I need help editing them…

You want your biceps a little bigger?! Oh, that’s not it? It’s amazing what you can do with an image. If you need something removed, added, or changed - we’ve got you covered. Need to edit your images with cohesive color for brand consistency? We can do that too.

What if I already have a logo but want it refreshed?

To somewhat plagiarize Dolly Parton: If we see pixels saggin’ and baggin’, we’re going to nip ‘em and tuck ‘em. We’re all about a good brand refresh and we can help yours feel new again.

I’ve got a logo but I need some visual marketing help?

We get it, the whiplashing noodle man is not for everybody. Hiring a sign dancer isn’t for you either? We’ve got you. We have helped our clients advertise on the side of The Hard Rock Cafe, on billboards, on Spotify, internationally, on vehicle wraps, and more. We can develop cohesive campaigns to carry you through the digital and print world.

How do you charge for creative work?

We don’t like to feel limited by time. Some creative solutions take longer than others for a variety of reasons. That said, we typically charge a set fee per project or item instead of an hourly rate. The set fee agreed upon can be paid in portions throughout the design process.

I mean, honestly, how cool are y’all?

Well, we’re still trying to memorize the lyrics to Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song… but check back with us in a bit and we will update you on our cool factor.