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Terra Firma means solid ground. We are a design studio rooted in Nashville, working to make the world a more beautiful place.






Aaron Sanders Head

“Terra Firma was able to integrate seamlessly into our event and document it beautifully. Having an event documented can be nerve-wracking, and potentially awkward, but Terra Firma was able to really identify the heart of our work, and blended their documentation style seamlessly with our event and its participants. As an added bonus, the turnaround time was incredibly quick. The photographs that Terra Firma captured changed my business entirely, and enabled me to grow my business and following at a rate that would have been impossible without such great content. My response rate from potential clients has increased exponentially, and I know that that is largely due to Terra Firma's work. I can't wait to work with them again!”



Fiber Farm | Kacie Lynn

“Working with Terra Firma has been nothing but exceptional from the very beginning. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality design have been fundamental to the success of telling my brand's story in an effective manner. The way they approach each project with energy and fresh ideas is an integral part to any business who wants to elevate their presence online and in person”



Sparks & Matches | Courtney Christenson

“Working with Terra Firma Studio to create a series of art pieces for my new website was best-case-scenario in every sense: they were efficient, they were gracious collaborators, and they brought my vision to life more beautifully than I could have imagined. Their talent and hard work gave my site exactly the look and feel I was going for.”